Our educators are passionate about ensuring a complete and holistic learning experience.

Our teachers are inspired by the practices and philosophy of Dr Emmi Pikler and Magda Gerber. Our interactions with the children are respectful, peaceful and predictable.

We encourage all children to be the masters of their own movement, not putting them into positions that they cannot get into themselves.

We have gathered a few lovely testimonals from our Campbell Bay parents, have a read.

Our talented educators at Campbells Bay

Hayley French
Alex Ryan

Specialist Teacher
Catherine Hamlin

Sandra Yeo

Rose Armitage

Kiwi Room
Petrina Zaharia
Leonie Mueller
Serena Fraser
Laurelle Shanley
Bella Gao

Kea Room
Maggie Sun
Sue Kim
Gillian Leoney
Emily Coe

Weka Room
Jenny Wang
Stacey Galloway
Shonty Nath
Joanne Li

Ruru Room
Stephanie Joyce
Jude Franklin
Scotty Wang
Pauline Smith
Liz Stern